About Us

On behalf of the Delhi NCR team, I am pleased to present our logo on the occasion of the NITRAA Global Summit to be held between the 7th and 9th of December, 2018 at New Delhi. The logo in a sense, represents many wonderful things about this particular time in the life of our institution, about what inspires us and above all about the illustrious times that lie ahead.

India Gate is an iconic monument that not only symbolises the host city of New Delhi but also a modern and confident India. In its sheer magnificence, astride the Rajpath, at its heart rages the flame of the immortal soldier, reminding us of valour and sacrifice. The openings without doors not only accord a warm welcome to all but also portray doorways to an exciting future. The logo itself rises vertically and stands tall, showcasing our aspirations for the heights of glory we collectively want to scale! It is also syncretic in its appeal and agnostic to culture, creed or faith.

Ochre yellow, one of our chosen institutional colours is the hue of sunshine, happiness, energy, intellect and optimism. Orange stands for creativity, freedom, expression and success. The two tone orange and ochre combination signifies our transformational journey and repurposed vision…our earnest endeavour to move on from the old to the new. The deep grey text personifies our inner core and our tireless quest to always be a contemporary seat of learning, in the world of science and technology. The ornamental vines on the memorial hark back to our ancient heritage of filigree work distinct to Odisha, the home of our institution.

New Delhi is the capital and this convention is aimed at being a watershed moment in NIT, Rourkela’s journey, quite in the manner of what many great venues like Geneva, Bretton Woods and Davos have done for the world. We sincerely hope this will signal a new dawn for all of us.

Sandip Das

Chairman, Global Summit 2018, New Delhi